Neil Parkinson’s Website.

I’m an animator who has been working in the industry for 15 years. I’m currently working at a computer games studio¬†as a senior animator .

I started out working in the hand drawn animation industry, cutting my teeth with assistant and clean-up work on TV series and pop promos before making a jump into 3d animation.

Amongst other things in my own time I have been developing an animated western project which I actually started whilst at college. All the western characters featured on the website have been designed, built, rigged and animated by myself.

I am also working on a series of children’s educational books as an illustrator. The series is called Time Travelling Toby and is about a boy and his two brothers who have a time travelling car as they visit moments in history. The first book is out now called ‘Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Britain’. Click on the cover to find out more;

The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain

This is my latest showreel;

Please feel free to contact me, any comments are gratefully received;

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